Hanna Neutard, 45, works in design management—and is giving away an Ulm stool by Max Bill today, which once belonged to NOMOS Glashütte.

»I haven’t been with NOMOS Glashütte very long, but my work here makes me really happy: To be responsible for the design of such fine products, to manage the films, images, layouts, and publications that represent our brand online and offline—that is a real challenge, and above all a privilege too. I believe that a designer rarely has such good luck. We NOMOS designers are based in Berlin, because it is a home somehow for everything that we do: for art, for creativity, and all the other things that help us to do our work. But all the work we do is for our colleagues in Glashütte, and for their work: to ensure that the watchmaking that takes place in Glashütte is packaged beautifully, and to bring it closer to people around the world.
What still impresses me now, six months after joining NOMOS Glashütte, is the unique quality of the brand, the fact that everything is manufactured in-house, its self-sufficiency, independence, and Roland Schwertner’s story too. How he, after the reunification of Germany, had the courage to create this company without financial backing.

I find things outside of the mainstream to be particularly exciting in product design. That’s why today I am giving away an Ulm stool by Max Bill, which I think successfully combines clarity, timelessness, and versatility. A classic piece that won’t let you down, that is somehow unassuming and yet very elegant: a stool and small table in one. And this version has a special touch: We gave it a lick of NOMOS gray paint—and it once adorned our office in Berlin. I hope it performs just as wonderfully for you too!«

»A classic that won’t let you down!«

Too late, despite owning a good watch? Don’t be disappointed—you can learn plenty more about design at NOMOS Glashütte here.