Steffen Sturm, 33, is head of quality assurance—and giving away two NOMOS water bottles; one small, the other large.

»If every single part were perfect down to the micrometer, my colleagues and the machines never made even the smallest error, the end result would be a caliber that didn’t need any adjustment. Then there would be no need for quality assurance, not at NOMOS Glashütte or anywhere else. Nevertheless: A great deal of handcraft is at work here. All our watchmakers work with great precision, but of course, small errors or deviations occur from time to time. Which is a good thing for my colleagues and me! After all, that’s exactly why I wanted to work here—and otherwise I would have nothing to do. As part of my engineering degree, I often worked for large-scale corporations. You can have a career there, get promoted, make a lot of money, but for me, something was missing. I was looking for something meaningful, a product that was handcrafted. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere I’d be counting down the hours or with colleagues who’d be preoccupied with promotions; I want to come to work happy. And I also wanted more than just a job: My band and I play at NOMOS Glashütte Christmas parties. I also play percussion in an orchestra. Making music requires deep concentration, which helps clear the mind and balance out all the exacting measurements in quality assurance. We have one of those weird band names: NES, Nineties Entertainment System, inspired by the Nintendo Entertainment System. But at our work events we can change the name to NOMOS Entertainment System for the night!

For the past three months we have been using our new water bottles, which we fill up straight from the tap in Glashütte—and the water here is really good, since it comes straight from the mountains! So whoever wins is also welcome to stop by with the bottles, we’ll be happy to fill them up. The label on the bottles translates as: “A bottle of inspiration from Glashütte. Makes you beautiful. Makes you smart.” It has also inspired some jokes among my colleagues, from “Well, I don’t need to drink any more today” to “Have another sip, perhaps it will help!”«

»I can make you smart and beautiful.«

Too late, despite owning a good watch? Don’t be disappointed—you can discover what (other than the water) makes Glashütte such a unique place here.