Tobias Haaß, 26, is the complications team leader—and giving away his favorite watchmaking coat.

»It’s generally known that when doctors speak of complications, something has gone wrong. It’s the opposite when it comes to watchmaking. Here, complications are a kind of cosmetic surgery, whereby the caliber receives an upgrade. For example: a date function, a power reserve display, or a world time function. I love the perfection that is a prerequisite of my work; the painstaking attention to detail needed every day. At NOMOS Glashütte we always say that no matter how complicated the inner workings are, the exterior design must remain simple. That’s something that I like. In my private life I don’t need anything complicated. I’m not interested in flashy gimmicks; the sentimental value of something is what’s important to me. My favorite watch, for example, is a work of art: Tangente. It’s a little older than our other watches, but for me, it doesn’t require a facelift—or any extras at all. To me, it’s perfect.

I wear white at work, like almost everyone else here. NOMOS watchmaking coats are tailor-made and always well taken care of. We all own a few—and it’s my favorite watchmaking coat that I am giving away today. With my name sewn into the front. These days, I’m not entirely sure of my measurements. But I’m of average size—and I hope that if it fits me, then it will look good on you too!«

»Watchmaking couture.«

Too late, despite owning a good watch? Don’t be disappointed—you can spend a few minutes getting familiar with our most complicated watch so far here.