Simone Krönert, 50, works in precision machining—and is giving away 10,000 euros.

»I like harmony, not only between people, but also aesthetically-speaking. I love beauty! At home, in interior design, in clothing, in jewelry. It’s a wonderful thing when everything coordinates just right, and that applies to watches as well. I switch between Tangente, a special edition for Doctors Without Borders, and an Orion with a light-colored dial—to make sure that they always match the rest of my outfit. Those are the small details that I like to pay attention to in everyday life. And for my work, it’s also essential that everything comes together just right; I work in precision machining at NOMOS Glashütte, deburring the base plates. For that I need my loupe, a good eye, and patience—down to the last detail.

It’s truly an honor for me to be giving away 10,000 euros today—shredded and vacuum packed, unfortunately, but still. NOMOS Glashütte was symbolically presented with them by the German Federal Bank. The occasion? Receiving the highest possible credit rating in Germany, which we call ‘Notenbankfähigkeit.’ This rating always requires an exacting evaluation of the company. That’s what makes this old money something special for me. Perhaps even a work of art? And when I look at it, I imagine what I would buy with the money. Probably many beautiful things.«

»Today I’m giving away old money.«

Too late to take part? The cash may have gone, but you can still get your money’s worth here.