Heike Ahrendt, 44, is head of product management—and is giving away a ‘nachtblau night’ gift set with a silk eye mask and the album Midnight Blue.

»Sometimes I think that my main role is to nag my colleagues. I’m a connection point between the departments: product design, technology, research and development, PR. And everyone in these departments needs time—often my time; the watchmakers, our suppliers, and the editors too. At the end of the day, everything has to be ready for the next show. My responsibility is to make sure this happens.

In 1991, right after graduating from high school, I started working with watches. First I went to train in Switzerland. I was shocked to discover then that there are people who spend 20,000 Swiss francs on a watch! During GDR times, we had never heard of such luxury here in Glashütte. The focus was on mass production. 20,000 Swiss francs—how crazy they must be, I thought. But when you see how much work goes into such a caliber, how people spend hours polishing surfaces by hand, it starts to make sense. For me as well. I began with a traineeship as an engraver. But after a while I realized it was too quiet for me—you sit on your own the whole day. I’d rather be chasing my colleagues with questions: Have you ever tried, can you, did you know …?

To celebrate our latest watches, the nachtblau series, I am giving away a gift set for hours of midnight blue, featuring a silk sleeping mask and the compilation album Midnight Blue. Here in Glashütte, there’s not much going on after-hours; no nightlife, no cultural events. Plenty of time to listen to music—or, of course, go to bed on time.«

»For hours of midnight blue.«

Too late, despite owning a good watch? Don’t be disappointed—you can discover our neomatik nachtblau collection here.