Anja Becker, 36, works in watch assembly—and is giving away tools to help take care of your NOMOS watch.

»I collect treasures, outside, in nature—I have found 872 in the last three years! I really value having time to myself. And nature is important to me. Since I don’t want to just wander around outside, I search for geocaches in my spare time; trinkets, small objects that other people hide—it’s a modern kind of treasure hunt. You search for a set of coordinates and then enter your name in the logbook when you locate them. Sometimes it’s just placed in a jar, and sometimes the hiding places are little crazy. In a birdhouse, for example. What I really value is the hunt itself: through woods that I don’t know yet, enjoying an impressive view, or simply the feeling of persistence. The journey is the reward! That applies to my work at NOMOS Glashütte too. There are so many individual steps… you could say that my job is to take the last step, to complete the watch. I attach the hands and hand mechanism, before inserting the caliber into the case. I give watches their face.

Despite all the precision work it requires, a watch is a part of everyday life, and an instrument to be used. Scratches tell stories; they make a watch unique. Of course, you should still send your NOMOS watch for servicing every so often and polish it now and again. That’s why today I’m giving away what you need for that: a cleaning cloth, a loupe, and a watchstrap exchange tool. And, for keeping track of your watch’s maintenance, a beautiful fountain pen made from polished aluminum.«

»I’ll keep your watch smart and shiny.«

Too late, despite owning a good watch? Don’t be disappointed—you can still find the NOMOS tool gift set in the NOMOS online store.