Lisann Eisert, 30, is team leader of the reglage department—and is giving away a NOMOS watchmaker-themed tablecloth.

»At watchmaking school you first learn about the whole craft, getting to know all the different departments—and everyone is especially good at something. I am, for example, very quick at doing anything that requires finger work, and I always have to have something to occupy myself with. Some people can’t keep their feet still; for me it’s my hands that never stop! We always say in the reglage department that we teach watches how to tick, since it’s here that we set the movement. It’s real fiddly work—and so perfect for me. We don’t have to work particularly fast; rather we have to be especially precise—always, no exceptions, and without fail. Watches are unforgiving about flaws and inaccuracies. I work, for example, with a tiny little drill. We call the tools that we use here small, but for others they’re only the size of a breadcrumb.

I like it when people gather around a table—and not just during the holiday season. Family meals are something special, and I like to decorate especially for the occasion. That includes, of course, a tablecloth! The NOMOS tablecloth, featuring us watchmakers from Glashütte, shows just how good we have it here: We always get to sit together. So as of today, we’ll also be there when you gather around the table.«

»From now on, we’ll join you around the table.«

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