Theo Prenzel, 32, is deputy head of research and development at NOMOS Glashütte—and is giving away NOMOS postcards and a neomatik fountain pen.

»I am always looking for inspiration for my work, wherever I am. I learned that from a young age; as a watchmaker, my father was dedicated to these ticking machines. Sometimes an idea comes to me during an evening in the pub, sometimes at a concert. Music is always a good idea, whether while working or to switch off. Although that said, I don’t often stop thinking about work entirely. When the prototypes for a new watch caliber are on the table, after nearly three years of development, I’m already thinking about new challenges—after all, there is always something to improve. My NOMOS caliber DUW 3001 is the thinnest automatic movement that has ever been produced in series. At 3.2 mm, it’s a tiny global sensation. That only really occurred to me when the watches were ready and packaged for delivery to retailers. It would be great to see one of my developments on the wrist of someone on the street; strangely, it hasn’t happened yet. I imagine I would feel like a musician hearing his track on the radio for the first time. Rather proud!

We compared measurements: Our DUW 3001 caliber is less tall than a small stack of nine stamps. Ultra-thin! It’s at work within the neomatik series, a collection of slender automatic timepieces that we launched last year. It was the culmination of many years’ hard work for us—which is why we produced special edition stationery, such as the fountain pen I am giving away today, for the occasion. And to go with it: A set of NOMOS postcards to send season’s greetings to your nearest and dearest!«

»A global sensation in 3.2 mm.«

Too late, despite owning a good watch? Don’t be disappointed—you can read all about our tenth in-house caliber, DUW 3001, here.