Carolin Striegl, 25, works on the escapement—and is giving away the NOMOS ‘neomatik calligraphy’ gift set.

»It’s often the small things that make something special, giving a person or an object their personality—making them memorable. For example, a flower in their hair. I wear one every day. It’s not just a habit, it’s a passion. Of course, that also applies to my work. For me, there is almost nothing better than working delicately and extremely precisely. That’s when I can get lost in my work and, at the same time, set the pace: One of my responsibilities is to insert the balance spring into the movement, which is a tiny but absolutely essential component. After all, the balance spring ensures that the watch ticks accurately.

For me, writing neatly and exactly is one of those things. I don’t really like my own handwriting—but when someone else puts pen to paper and creates pretty, flowing letters, I’m fascinated. I’m giving this gift set of two notepads and two neomatik drafting pencils to someone who would like to learn this skill.«

»I’m giving you beautiful handwriting.«

Don’t be disappointed—you can still find the NOMOS ‘neomatik calligraphy’ gift set in the NOMOS online store.