Lennart Kluge, 30, works in watch assembly—and is giving away a kilogram of NOMOS chocolate today.

»As head of caliber assembly, part of my job is to give clear instructions. I don’t find it difficult, as I prefer direct communication. When I was around 15 years old, my mother asked my brother and me what we would like for Christmas. We didn’t need anything. So we didn’t get anything. It might sound a little unfestive, but these days it has become a tradition in our family. A wonderful tradition. I think it’s better not to buy your nearest and dearest presents just for the sake of it, but rather only when something really suits them or the opportunity arises. We don’t need the holiday season for that—and occasionally we don’t even tell each other beforehand. That makes it even more enjoyable.

Chocolate is something that everyone can use, all year round. And the good thing about a kilogram of NOMOS chocolate is that it comes as five milk chocolate and five dark chocolate bars. Even when, against your good intentions, you don’t manage to only eat a small square a day—and I never manage it either—this kilo of chocolate should last a while.«

»Against your good intentions.«

Too late, despite owning a good watch? Don’t be disappointed—your dentist will thank you! And you can find more sweet things from NOMOS Glashütte here.