Sarah Westermann, 28, works in production—and is giving away a NOMOS hip flask.

»I grew up here in the region around Glashütte. I’ve actually known about NOMOS Glashütte ever since I can remember—the company was founded before I was two years old. I didn’t think about working here for a long time. I remember deciding that the watch industry wasn’t for me—it’s far too stuffy! On top of that I was put off by the intricacy of the job, and the accuracy it demands. The fact that I even applied to work here is all down to an acquaintance. I am still grateful to him today—and have to laugh when I think about my former misgivings regarding watchmaking. Especially since now it is the fine, meticulous, and, well, stuffy nature of the job that brings me such joy. Having to spend my whole day completely focused on perfecting one single task is relaxing for me—even when it comes to my private life. It may sound over the top, but it’s true: I was never this happy in a job. And if that means being a little stuffy, then so be it.

Today I am giving away a hip flask—empty so far. This little flask is an elegant way of having a cheeky sip of something when the time calls for it. Elegant and a little cheeky: a typical NOMOS gift. That’s something I like. I remember last year when we introduced the new ultra-thin automatic neomatik collection in Basel: This flat flask was NOMOS’ surprise gift for journalists. That was unusual—and a little daring too. What kind of watchmaking company gives away a hip flask? With that in mind: Cheers!«

»For the occasional sip.«

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