For St. Nicholas Day, NOMOS CEO Uwe Ahrendt, 47, is giving away a Tangente 38 in support of Doctors Without Borders.

»Glashütte has watchmaking in its DNA. Sometimes I imagine Ferdinand Adolph Lange—the man who brought watchmaking to Glashütte 170 years ago—standing up top on the mountain here, contentedly looking down upon us in the valley. We owe him so much. There are regions that have an innate quality to them: Parma, Champagne, and Glashütte too. To do what we do here, you need the peace, the quiet, the nothingness. The kind of handcraft we perform, the way we laboriously manufacture the smallest of mechanical parts—we can only do that here. It’s natural that I sometimes need more than the peace and quiet that Glashütte can offer. And that’s when I leave: for Berlin, London, or to Bad Erna where I have a weekend getaway. But Glashütte is where I call home, the place I always go back to. It’s where I come from; I’m the fourth generation in a family of watchmakers, even though I actually trained as a toolmaker before I started my studies at university.

Mechanical watches can be considered somewhat obsolete these days. But at the same time, they can carry plenty of emotion. Tangente is our signature watch, and always a bestseller. It was my first NOMOS timepiece. Today I would like to give away a special edition of this model: Our partnership with Doctors Without Borders means a great deal to me, because the organization helps in places where no one else does. They are willing to go where there is suffering. That’s why the sale of each special edition Tangente raises 100 US dollars, pounds, or euros for people in need—and it’s my honor to make the same donation today as well.«

»Helping in places where no one else does.«

Too late, despite owning a good watch? Don’t be disappointed—you can find out about our limited edition timepieces in support of Doctors Without Borders here.