Tilo Schmeja, 46, works in production—and is giving away the pencil sharpener from NOMOS founder Roland Schwertner.

»I like it when tradition and modernity mix. And that’s exactly what NOMOS succeeds in doing with its old techniques and new designs. I am, together with two colleagues, responsible for the sunburst decoration on our crown and ratchet wheels. These features are—along with other traits—a recognizable sign that a watch comes from Glashütte. This form of refinement was initially created because it acts as a kind of dust magnet. The semicircular indentations increase the surface area, collecting any dust picked up while wearing the watch. And the grooves, which shine like a sunbeam when reflecting light, attract and hold even the finest dust particles. This allowed watchmakers to quickly and easily remove any dust or debris that accumulates over time. And although our watches today are virtually airtight and dust-free, these grooves and indentations have remained, since they also serve as a beautiful design element. I enjoy doing something that many of our customers find so interesting. I spend six to eight minutes grinding one wheel. Although this process is always the same, the material and machine often act quite differently. Therefore I have to stay extremely focused at all times while working.

This pencil sharpener originally belonged to our company’s founder, Roland Schwertner. He still prefers to write with freshly sharpened HB pencils. For a long time this pencil sharpener stood on his desk. I like practical objects that I used when I was a child. This sharpener with a hand-turned crank is one such object, and also one that is particularly elegant.«

»Hands-on luxury.«

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