Michél Steinfeldt, 28, works in the lathe shop—and is giving away a beautiful collector’s tray.

»In the lathe shop we process all of the plates which are needed for NOMOS Glashütte watches. For me it’s everyday life—and still I always find it remarkable and interesting that so many small parts can create something that, in the end, really ticks. And I like how our sapphire crystal glass backs allow anyone who looks, even someone who might not be well versed in watchmaking, to understand our timepieces. There’s much more to see than what’s immediately evident at first glance. Probably even more than you would expect. That’s why it’s worth taking a second, closer look. I like to compare it to my two dogs: Strangers are sometimes afraid of them. But get to know them, and you’ll see that they are just two big softies.

I like the notion that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. That’s why today I am giving away one of our beautiful trays, on which we display our craftsmanship to our customers. It is where we place the finished NOMOS watches whenever we present them to retailers or at shows. The tray is a real rarity. Many NOMOS fans have asked us how to get one, as they are a beautiful way of storing and presenting watch collections. But while we don’t sell these very special trays, we do give them away from time to time!«

»A rarity.«

Too late, despite owning a good watch? Don’t be disappointed—you can also see one of our beautiful display trays, and a NOMOS timepiece or two, in person at a retailer near you.